Kids BJJ (Ages 4-8)

Evolution's Kids BJJ program is designed to introduce children to the basic principles and philosophies behind BJJ. Students in this program will become comfortable on the ground and learn the basics of each position. Each concept is presented in a playful manner while still emphasizing technical development. We have a variety of structured games at our disposal designed to refine motor skills, develop patience, confidence, discipline and listening skills.

Juniors BJJ (Ages 9-13)

For kids aged 9-13, our Jiu-Jitsu classes begin to focus on a wider array of techniques as well as the details within them. The class aims to further develop and refine the basic Jiu-Jitsu techniques covered in the younger children's class. Students in this class also participate in structured games allowing them to practice their skills against resisting opponents. The class features more opportunities for rolling and introduces intermediate submission techniques. Students in this age group develop a solid foundation for problem solving, critical thinking and other valuable life skills that they will use well into adulthood.

Fundamental BJJ

Sport - This class is open to adult students of all levels. For students who are new to Jiu-Jitsu, we recommend that they take as many Fundamental BJJ classes as their schedule allows. Our Fundamental BJJ program focuses primarily on basic defensive positions, submissions, sweeps, and escapes in a sport/competition setting. The techniques taught in this class will help students develop a solid foundation they can build on as they move forward in their training.

Combatives - This class is open to adult students of all levels and emphasizes self-preservation in a real-life situation especially when strikes are involved. Managing the distance between yourself and your opponent and strike awareness are the primary skills taught in this program. Mastery of several Combatives BJJ modules is needed in order to advance in rank.

Advanced BJJ

Sport - This class is open to more advanced students. New students who would like to attend should have the approval of the instructor and are required to know the techniques taught in the Fundamental BJJ for Adults classes. Our Advanced BJJ for Adults classes focus on achieving a greater degree of technical proficiency, a deeper understanding of positions, submissions and defense. This class typically consists of higher intensity warm ups, drilling and live sparring than our Fundamental BJJ classes.

Advanced Combatives - This class is open to adult students who have tested and passed their Combatives BJJ modules. In this program, lessons are organized and taught in postitional groupings (mount, guard, back, side control etc.). Classes are concluded with training drills, sparring and fight simulation.

Combat Kickboxing

Our Combat Kickboxing class focuses on proper striking technique, stance, footwork, movement and defense to strikes. Participants will learn a variety of hand and foot strikes as well as knees and elbows. These are taught not only on heavy bags and speed bags, but we also incorporate pads and live sparring. Improved strength & conditioning is achieved by using weights, plyometrics and total body exercises so that you will gain added confidence to handle any situation.


Judo, primarily a grappling martial art, is derived from various forms of Japanese Jiu-Jitsu. Students, when standing, learn how to sweep, trip and throw opponents to the ground. Students, when on the ground, learn to control and pin their opponents. Additionally, participants will learn defensive aspects of the martial art such as learning how to fall, avoiding takedowns, reversing pins and escaping positions. Judo has been an official Olympic event since 1964. In addition to the sport aspect, Judo is an excellent martial art for self-defense and a great workout for improving & maintaining physical fitness. The class is taught in a safe, fun and friendly environment.

Open Mat

All students are welcome during Open Mat. This is an opportunity to practice techniques, ask questions, live sparring/rolling or just enjoy each other’s company.

Private Lessons

Private and semi-private lessons offer you a unique opportunity for individualized attention with our instructors and will help you accelerate your training at a faster rate than in a group setting. Tell us your goals and your instructor will formulate a plan to get you there. Contact us to set up your lessons.


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